"Smart Light for Mobile People."
MobiSLIM's Semantic Lighting technology seeks to understand and proactively respond to the physiological and psychological lighting needs of individuals. Human-aware lighting includes concepts like tailoring illumination to meet an individual’s eye function and preferences, or generating personalized phototherapy based on a record of light exposure.
Semantic Lighting provides context-aware heuristic analysis for optimal contrast lighting, dynamic radiometric compression for shadow-less lighting, and other adjustments that emphasize specific qualities and quantities of light that enhance the environment for visual perception.
The third application area is task-aware lighting. mobiSLIM adds meaning to lighting by integrating text, video, images and other sense-making media in the form of information overlays. Everything from low-density ambient information, to highly focused, high-density media in an augmented reality modality may be presented and modulated by task semantics, location and physical context.
mobiSLIM provides a new mobile light and information media platform coordinated by wireless networks.